Sunday, 14 October 2012



        • Make your focus on the conversation check the sound quality and the set adjustment while in the testing session.

        • Read the instruction Care fully and instruction will help you to what things you have to focus on and will be coming next in the conversation.

        • Note the stress and you will do 90% of the test.

        • Note also the repetitions.

        • Always write complete number at once.

        • They will not tell the spelling of word which is written in the dictionary and defiantly they will tell the spelling of word which is not in the dictionary.

        • Always number should be in numeric do not give detail.

        • Leave it I you miss it.

        • Write in any language or short form but complete one which should be understandable by you.

        • Follow the instruction in the date format.

        • No shot form on answer sheet .

        • You should know the question and read also the word on the right side and left word should be known to you.

        • MCQs Read Questions with Answers

        • Note the phrase in 4th section.

        • Have to do the full test don’t leave any thing if you want to make guess (tuka ) then if there are three talks then the middle one is best choice and if 2 talk are there then note the stress and play with the second one.

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