Sunday, 14 October 2012



Test time: 40 mints 30 mints for test + 10 mints to transfer your answers to answer sheet.

4 sections 10 question in each section for 7 band 30 questions are required.

Note : "Don’t Consider a writing Mistake it will be wrong.
First Section will be easiest.
2nd and 4th Medium hard and 3rd is mostly hard one

But some time they flip 3rd into 4th.

2 Types Of Questions
MCQs (Whole Test Is In Sequence)

Points to Be Remember

  1. Focus
  2. Instructions (you must Read the Instructions)
  3. Stress + Repetitions
  4. Singular + Plural
  5. Change in numbers & spellings
  6. Numbers in Numeric
  7. Leave if Missed
  8. Currency Sign
  9. British or American Spellings
  10. Any Language or short Form
  11. Date Format

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